15 Jan

Yes Virginia, roads are socialized and subsidized

Some people are beginning to realize that roads were subsidized to an amazing extent in the past, and it has them upset. But they are not paid for, and now some places are trying to figure out how to pass on the cost of the huge road boom:

“Hoyne opposes any move by the village to vacate public roads and rely on private property owners to maintain them. At the same time, he recognizes that roads need to be kept up and that he and fellow residents of the northwest suburb are likely going to get stuck paying more — whether in the form of a new tax or by taking on the road costs directly.

‘If you have a nice home and you like where you live, you don’t want to have the road in front of your home in disrepair,’ Hoyne said. ‘The road fairies don’t exist. They’re not going to come down and pave your road just because you’re a swell guy.'”

(Via Chicago Tribune – Long Grove plan may pave way to privatize public roads.)