20 May

Wisconsin to spend more on stacking an existing highway than it turned down for high speed rail

For more than the cost of speeding up rail infrastructure, the money of which it famously gave back to the federal government for fears of rail costing too much down the road, Wisconsin is going to stack some highways at a cool $1.2 billion.

Funny how a billion for rail is a boondoggle, but for roads that aren’t needed not a single conservative will blink at this:

“Milwaukee is a city that lost 0.4 percent of its population between 2000 and 2010. Over that time, the larger five-county region it anchors grew 3.5 percent, or at about a third the rate of the national average.

And yet, bizarrely enough, WisDOT wants to stack highways on top of highways, reports Gretchen Schuldt of Milwaukee Rising:”

(Via Next Boondoggle From Wisconsin DOT: Double-Decking Milwaukee Freeway | Streetsblog.net.)