12 May

Whole Earth Festival

I’m currently hanging out in Davis, CA. I was invited to come out for the Whole Earth Festival and speak about my novel Arctic Rising on a panel with Kim Stanley Robinson.

The Whole Earth Festival is a yearly event in the quad of UC Davis:

Whole Earth Festival was born when an art class taught by Jose Arguelles had an “Art Happening” on the University of California, Davis campus in 1969. The students used art to involve visitors in the ultimate goal of learning about activism, wellness, and the environment. Whole Earth Festival aims to ignite passion, propel creativity, and leave visitors with inspiration.

Yesterday I had breakfast with Stan, which was a blast (both to get to meet him and also because I am almost never up for a proper breakfast, but when I go to the West Coast I get to order things like Waffles. And Brunch!). We planned out our presentations. After that he took me around Davis, which is a pro-bike, pro-pedestrian town. I fell in love a little with it.

I also wandered around the Whole Earth Festival a bit before my presentation:






The bookstore Avid Reader handled book sales (hi Nick!), and I was grateful to get to sign copies of Arctic Rising for readers.

After the reading I met Andrea Stewart briefly, who just won a Writers of the Future quarter.

I got to meet Andy Stewart and his wife, Mary (no relation to Andrea). Andy just recently finished Clarion and has a cover story (!) in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

And I spent many hours at dinner talking to Andy and Mary, Stan, and Stan’s family (who joined us: one of his son’s was reading A Long Way Gone). Fantastic people, all, and much nourishing conversation. Very invigorating. I’m grateful to Whole Earth Festival for having me out here.