18 Apr

Want to see Hurricane Fever’s new cover?

Hurricane Fever has a new cover. I mentioned it on twitter, but I snagged a higher resolution example for this blog post:


There were a handful of cover variants that Tor was considering for the book. Bloggers started passing around one that was used as a placeholder in the catalogue, and that was being strongly considered. In the end, though, we decided to go with the red and bio-hazard symbol look. The previous cover, though it looked awesome, was easily lost when put in a line up of other books due to the muted color palette and dark tones (lost in the shadows). Hopefully readers will agree that this is a more striking cover.

Here’s the back copy:

A storm is coming….

New York Times bestselling author Tobias Buckell (Arctic Rising, Halo: The Cole Protocol) has crafted a kinetic technothriller perfect for fans of action-packed espionage within a smartly drawn geo-political landscape. Roo is an anti–James Bond for a new generation.

Prudence “Roo” Jones never thought he’d have a family to look after—until suddenly he found himself taking care of his orphaned nephew. Roo, a former operative for the Caribbean Intelligence Group, spends his downtime on his catamaran, doing his best to raise a teenager on his own, and dodging the frequent, punishing hurricanes that are the new norm in the Caribbean. Roo enjoys the relative calm of his new life—until an unexpected package from a murdered fellow spy shows up. Suddenly Roo is thrown into the center of the biggest storm of all.

Using his wits—and some of the more violent tricks of his former trade—Roo begins to unravel the mystery that got his friend killed. When a polished and cunning woman claiming to be the murdered spy’s sister appears, the two find themselves caught up in a global conspiracy with a weapon that could change the face of the world forever.


[US & Canada: Hurricane Fever, July 1st 2014, ISBN: 978-0765319227 – Amazon: hardcover & ebookB&NIndie Stores]

As a reminder, the UK edition launches at the same time as the US. Here’s the cover:


[UK & Commonwealth: Hurricane Fever, July 3rd 2014, ISBN: 978-0091953539 Del Rey UK

The advanced reader copies came in as well, which means various reviewers will probably be getting their hands on copies sent from Tor soon:

Photo 1

I’m very excited about the bio-hazard symbol on the spine. The spine is more often how your book is seen by most readers:

Photo 2