26 Aug

US Energy Department claims solar power costs will Fall 75% by 2020

The realization is starting to spread about where solar development is poised to take us. Even as just two years ago I wasn’t understanding what a shake up was going on there:

“Not one to shy away from overstatement, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is not a writer we would normally quote extensively; well-renowned as the Telegraph newspaper is, for which he frequently writes in the Business section, but his article last week on solar power trumping shale gas even had us sitting up and taking notice.

True, many of the figures quoted in his article come from firms involved in the solar industry and as such we can expect them to put a positive gloss on the numbers, but we wouldn’t count the US Energy Department to be biased and they are quoted as saying they expect the cost of solar power to fall by 75% between 2010 and 2020.”

(Via US Energy Department Claims the Cost of Solar Power will Fall 75% by 2020.)