09 Jun

Tesla will open up its Supercharger patents

Wow, that’s fascinating. Reminds me of when Mercedes Volvo allowed the patent for the seat built to be used by anyone because it was of benefit to all people. Getting more superchargers built helps Tesla, if other people do it so Tesla cars can use theirs, obviously. But since Tesla is getting the supercharger network rolled out faster than some others, it’s a big deal.

Also a big deal because I imagine Tesla will be giving away info on how the supercharger works, which might give competitors details about how their supercharger batteries work. That’s the generous part of the offer, here:

“Tesla’s CEO has been carefully dropping hints that he might ‘do something controversial’ with his company’s collection of technology patents, and now we know what he’s on about. Speaking at the UK launch of the Tesla Model S yesterday, Elon Musk said that he specifically wants to open up the designs for his Supercharger system in order to create a standard technical specification that other electric car makers can adopt. As part of this, it’s possible that Tesla might need to give away some intellectual property about components within the cars themselves”

(Via Tesla will open up its Supercharger patents to boost electric car adoption.)