19 Jun

AARP wants multi-use streets. They have a lobby. Now it gets interesting!

I’ve been saying for a long time now that when retiring baby boomers realize that the auto-only streets oriented world they’d subsidized becomes hard for them to navigate, it will be millenials and retirees both advocating for multi-use streets.

The AARP, one of the largest lobbying organizations in the US, has now thrown it’s weight into people-oriented streets design. Those over-65 commie hippies!

“One of the largest non-profit organizations in the world is on the side of city and suburban bikers. Boasting 40,000,000 members, the AARP represents the interests of people over the age of 50.

With an initiative launched in 2009, AARP called on city planners and public officials to design something it calls ‘complete streets.’

These streets feature sidewalks, transit facilities, signalized crosswalks, and — the kicker— in-road bike lanes.

The concept is not news. But this month an executive at the organization updated AARP members on the idea.

‘For years, U.S. transportation policy has focused almost entirely on construction and maintenance of roads to accommodate more cars,’ wrote Nancy LeaMond, executive vice-president of the AARP. ‘And while cars are obviously critical to our transportation network, they are only part of the equation.’”

(Via AARP Wants More Bike Lanes on Roads with ‘Complete Streets’ initiative | Gear Review | Gear Junkie.)