30 Mar

High rise with fairly radical amount of outdoor space


This is fairly fascinating piece of design:

“Looking a little like a giant white pinecone, the design for this new high-rise apartment building in Montpellier, France, uses strategically placed balconies and shades to give residents the maximum outdoor space without blocking views or taking up too much room on the ground.”

(Via This Amazing High-Rise Apartment Building Looks Like A Giant Tree | Co.Exist | ideas + impact.)

17 Apr

Microsoft building the city of the future

In this link via Brandon Rhodes on twitter, a hint of Bruce Sterling’s spimes and the internet of things here, in Microsoft’s networked campus.

“The software that he and his team built strings together thousands of building sensors that track things like heaters, air conditioners, fans, and lights – harvesting billions of data points per week. That data has given the team deep insights, enabled better diagnostics, and has allowed for far more intelligent decision making. A test run of the program in 13 Microsoft buildings has provided staggering results – not only has Microsoft saved energy and millions in maintenance and utility costs, but the company now is hyper-aware of the way its buildings perform.”

(Via 88 Acres.)

18 Mar

Storified twitter exchange between Stross and me about China’s $250 billion edu initiative

Charles Stross and I were both thinking out loud on twitter about the implications of China’s announcement of $250 billion in educational investment: