19 Jun

Orphan Black: the show too few are watching

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Indeed. Worth watching just to see Tatiana Maslany inhabit all the different roles:

“Orphan Black isn’t most shows. It’s one of the best shows; the only problem is that no one is actually watching it.

Genre fans are living in a golden age of television these days, with series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead tearing up the charts as fellow standouts such as Arrow and Doctor Who continue to carve out strong niches. But ratings aren’t always indicative of quality, and those aren’t the only awesome shows out there.

Not content to keep riding the coattails of Doctor Who and other imports from across the pond, BBC America expanded into original science fiction fare last season and took a shot on an ambitious little series that — at face value — sounded almost like a ripoff of The CW’s fairly terrible (and short-lived) Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle Ringer. Oh, how wrong that early assessment was.

Instead, the network had essentially given screenwriter Graeme Manson and director John Fawcett free rein to develop an insanely deep character drama framed around a cloning conspiracy. They also gave the duo enough development time to map out not just the first season, but a framework for future seasons so they could plant seeds and start peeling back layers until those happy few actually watching realized that, yes, this is one of the best shows on television, science fiction or otherwise.”

(Via Orphan Black is absolutely the best sci-fi show you’re not watching | Blastr.)

03 Jul

Cord cutters still impatient for *real* media deals

Yeah, but what I want is the ability to buy a channel, or a show, and none of the others. I’m not, ever, going to get cable just to get HBO so I can watch Game of Thrones as it comes out.

But I would consider getting a sub to HBO so I could, and nothing but HBO…

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) is nearing a deal with Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) to give subscribers of the cable television service access to channels via Apple TV, people with knowledge of the negotiations said.”

(Via Apple Said to Near Time Warner Cable Deal for TV Programs – Bloomberg.)

30 Apr

If you liked Arctic Rising, you might enjoy this pilot: Borealis

Interesting TV pilot that I haven’t had time to try and watch. Recently SF Signal gave it a go and liked it. Here’s the whole thing:

SF Signal had this to say:

“This reminds me of a couple of things that I’ve seen on bookshelves lately – Tobias Buckell’s Arctic Rising and Margaret Atwood’s story Bearlift, and this seems like it could have been an early foray into climate-focused science fiction on the small screen, something that we’ve seen already in books in the couple of years.

What stood out for me is that Borealis was a surprisingly smart production: it’s plot was impeccable, both setting up a world and characters, all the while having a superior story to boot, making it better than most of the productions that make it to the television. It’s a bit of a shame that it wasn’t picked up for a full series, because if this was the starting point, where it ended up could be really interesting.

At the end of the day, Borealis is a great hour and a half that stands fairly well on its own. Hopefully, we’ll see something like it make the rounds again at some point.”

(Via TV REVIEW: Borealis (Pilot Episode) – Watch a Fantastic 90 Minute SciFi Debut Right Here! – SF Signal.)