29 Aug

Food in Toledo, Spain

These are croquettes. I’d never had them before.

I’m now a fan.

2014 08 05 21 53 44

I love to sample different kinds of food and not have too much of the same thing. Spain, with Tapas and ‘raciones’ and various serving sizes has an approach to food I really dig. They also keep my kind of schedule, eating dinner at 9 or 10pm and staying up late.

Toledo seems down with Mazapan (Marzipan). An almond paste confectionary. Another first for me. I sampled a lot of it:

2014 08 06 21 37 41

For breakfast I’d often eat ‘tortilla,’ which is egg, potato sort of baked together. They also sensibly serve you queso manchego as it’s own dish, which I did often.

Bread and olive oil is popular. I like.

2014 08 07 11 10 19

Jamon Iberico, it was usually sliced fresh. In this case, right near our table:

2014 08 10 22 34 41

There was more food than that. I was terrible in that I usually just started nomming without taking pics. Emily did a better job, as she wanted pics for her students (she teaches Spanish), but I don’t have all her photos of all the amazing food.

28 Aug

After 1,200 miles by train, we spent a week in Toledo

In my last description of my European trip, I wrote about traveling 1,200 miles by train from London to Paris, Paris on sleeper train through the south of France, and into the North of Spain, and then down into Madrid and Toledo.

The morning after that epic journey, I woke up to wander around streets like this:

2014 08 06 10 35 51

And this:

2014 08 06 14 38 12

There was a street called Two Elbows Street somewhere, to my amusement.

Toledo is a medieval walled city dropped down onto a mountain. There’s a river behind it, and walls in front. Everything is tightly packed together… and old. Here’s a shot from across the river, looking at the whole city from across the valley the river creates:

2014 08 06 20 19 07

And near the Plaza Zocodover, close to our hotel, every corner seemed to contain a tapas bar, or a workshop where amazing gold thread was being hammered into intricate designs.

Oh, and there were shops full of swords everywhere I turned.

At one point I said out loud “wow, that cathedral looks very gothic, isn’t it?” Emily responded, “It is gothic. It’s actually gothic. As in made by the Visigoths and by definition: Gothic.”

2014 08 06 14 49 47

Right. Because in Europe you’re seeing the original thing.

This view, from just in the Plaza Zocodover, was one I kept coming back to. Partly because right off to the right, out of the camera, was an amazing Mazapan shop. But also because of the arch, the stairs, and the view of the plains out beyond it:

2014 08 06 15 27 14

Another memory I’ll hold for a long time was standing across from the city of Toledo drinking a 100 year old local brandy, watching the sun set:

2014 08 06 21 41 15 2

I count myself extraordinarily lucky to have been able to do that. It’s something I’ll be recalling for a long time.

Toledo is full of moments that made me recalibrate standing time. Like crossing a bridge built before the nation I live in came to be:

2014 08 07 15 15 46

Or crossing a street that ended at a door, and passing through it to find a square and people sitting outside eating lunch:

2014 08 07 20 59 17

Or waiting for a car to drive by so that you, too, can enter the official gate of the city:

2014 08 07 21 26 03

The walls are still there, and impressive, facing out toward the plains.

2014 08 07 21 30 13

For me, intimidating. Stories of climbing to get back up to the height of our hotel. However… they’ve installed escalators. Some were outraged, but I’ll be honest: Toledo’s built on a small mountain. It was a life-saver. Probably literally.

2014 08 07 21 40 45

Five, two-story escalators truck you right up the side of the city, and up to a more reasonable level.

Back to our hotel, to watch sunset over the roofs of Toledo at the bar on the top floor:

2014 08 09 21 07 53

Another day trip involved visiting The Monstary of San Juan de los Reyes. The courtyard walk around:

2014 08 10 14 36 39

The orange trees in the courtyard:

2014 08 10 14 37 06

Inside the church, which is stunningly tall. And a reminder that gothic doesn’t mean ‘dark’ and ‘shadowy.’ The arches, the buttresses outside, all are to create sun-filled open space. In fact, it was so drenched with light many of my photos came out washed out.

2014 08 10 14 42 35

On the second level, walking around the courtyard, the woodwork in the ceiling is just stunning:

2014 08 10 14 50 06

2014 08 10 14 51 48

The week seemed to be gone in a snap of the fingers. Some tourists ‘do’ Toledo in a day. Even in a week, I still missed out on a number of things.

Leaving on the train for Madrid and a plane to London was bittersweet. Even as I realized how much had sunk in, I realized I hadn’t, couldn’t, pay enough attention to really absorb it all.

2014 08 11 21 11 10