17 May

Teenage chemistry experimenter won’t be charged, gets to go to space camp


The young girl expelled for testing chemistry out won’t be criminally charged (WTF?) and NASA scientist Homer Hickham raised money to send her to space camp:

“In the meantime, the Internet has created a nice happy ending here. Homer Hickam — the writer and former NASA engineer whose memoir is the basis of the movie October Sky — started a Crowdtilt campaign to send Wilmot and her twin sister Kayla to the Advanced Space Academy program at the U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala.. The cost of space camp can run upwards of $1200. Hickam paid for Kiera Wilmot to go and the Crowdtilt campaign raised the other $1200 for her sister, plus extra money for their travel expenses. The campaign hit its $2500 goal in just two days and is now up to $2920. Hickam says the extra money is going to the girls’ mother.”

(Via Teenage chemistry enthusiast won’t be charged with felony, will go to space camp – Boing Boing.)

I chipped in some cash as the Crowdtilt link. A good ending should come of this, for sure. And yay Space Camp! As a science fiction writer how could I refuse?