13 Jun

Earth on edge of Goldilock’s zone, not center, could have been like Venus


“If the latest models are accurate, Earth and Venus really might have been twins, had the orbit of one been just a tiny bit different. But rather than two clement Earths, there might have been two infernal Venuses. That’s a doubly humbling thought.”

(Via Is Earth’s orbit scarily close to Venus’s sultry zone? – opinion – 13 June 2013 – New Scientist.)

09 Jun

What the Antarctica under the ice looks like


Putting a pin in this to come back to later. An amazing map of what the ground under Antarctica looks like!

“Antarctica’s mountains, concealed for more than 30 million years under miles of ice, have now been exposed in a new map and video released June 5 by NASA. Using a new tool created by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) called Bedmap2, researchers created the map by compiling decades worth of geophysical measurements of the icy continent, including surface elevation, ice thickness, an bedrock topography. “

(Via “After 30 Million Years” –This is How Will Antarctica Look Without Ice.)

15 May

City lowers voting age for its elections to 16

This fascinates me, as I’ve long since wondered about the age limits of voting. Children are often ignored as constituents and government doesn’t really cater much to them. Yet their needs are just as important. Car-centric culture limits their range. Their futures are affected by global warming.

How low can it be dropped, I wonder?

I’ve had a small story snippet playing with this idea, so this as much a note to myself to tag and come back to later.

“A small Maryland city just outside the Washington, D.C., city limits has voted to lower the voting age for city elections to 16.

The Takoma Park City Council voted 6-1 on Monday to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in city elections starting in November.”

(Via Md. city lowers voting age for its elections to 16.)