03 Jan

New short story, The Rydr Express, sells to Stone Skin Press’s anthology The New Hero II

In the middle of last month I worked on a longish short story, featuring Pepper and set in the Xenowealth. I can reveal now that it was accepted for Stone Skin Press’s anthology The New Hero II.

Stone Skin Press kicks off with a line of original short story anthologies, each commissioned around a compelling central theme. First out of the blocks will be The New Hero, featuring the adventures of a new wave of iconic characters capable of standing toe to toe with such classic luminaries as Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, and Abraham von Helsing. … Following it is The New Hero II, unleashing a second wave of exciting new heroes.

For its impressive line-up of authors, Stone Skin Press taps the stars of the roleplaying game scene, supplemented by a roster of illustrious names from the literary, F/SF, television and comic book fields. A brief sampling of contributors includes Ed Greenwood, Adam Marek, Alex Bledsoe, Jesse Bullington, Richard Dansky, Monte Cook, Matt Forbeck, Julia Bond Ellingboe, Jonny Nexus, and Kyla Ward

I was tickled to see editor Robin D. Laws use the phrase “classic, straight-up ultra-violent bad-ass” in reference to the piece, so Pepper fans will be in for the usual sort of mayhem I try to deliver. I mean, there’s a serious fucking bodycount going to go down on both sides, all packed into 7K of second person perspective between-the-eyes trenchcoat flapping retribution. And someone’s going to hijack a nuclear powered train.

This is my 40th announced sale. There’s a 41st story accepted, but I can’t reveal any details about it yet.

In the meantime I’m writing 3 more stories I’ve promised editors this month as I also work on rewriting a novel, so 2011 may be quite a year for short stories for me.

23 Dec

A new Pepper story finished

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to juggle everything that needs done and finish a new story. I finally got my inbox cleared out to 0, wrestled my to do list down, and managed to get to the coffeeshop, my second office, yesterday, for some serious writing.

I turned the internet off to conserve battery power, as I left my power adaptor in the office. And with that extra focus I settled in and got most of the rest of The Rydr Express written, which is what I’d been hoping for. Later in the night I stayed up late to go ahead and wrap the story up.

This piece is the fourth Pepper story I’ve written. I need to sit down and plan out a sequence so that I can put them all into a collection or a chapbook some time. I’ve been writing this without much of a larger plan.

I’ve turned the story in, hopefully the editor likes it. As soon as I know anything I’ll update.