27 Mar

Adventures in parenting: lassoed sister

Today on adventures in parenting:

“No you may not lasso your sister around the neck!”

“Why not?”

“Because you could hurt her.”

“Oh, but we’re good cowgirls!”

“You still can’t do it. You could still get hurt.”

“What about teddy bears?”


“We can lasso teddy bears. But no people!”

Moments later Emily chimes in.

“No dogs either. No living things.”

23 Mar

Raffle: a hard concept for a little kid who just wants a shiny red corvette already

Today the local Lion’s Club, which is raising money for more walking and biking paths around Bluffton, held a pancake breakfast at the senior center. I took the wonder twins with me for brunch.

We met a cat on the way home.

IMG 1758

One of the components of the breakfast is the launch of the charity raffle for a bright red Corvette. While buying the tickets for the raffle the nice senior citizen asked the twins if they were going to win the Corvette.

Outside, while admiring said Corvette, I explained the concept of a raffle to the twins, as they’d been confused and thought we’d purchased said car. Calli got the hang of the idea, but Thalia couldn’t get her head around it. All the way to the local grocery store she kept stopping and getting upset that we were leaving the ‘shiny red car’ that she liked behind.

Calli tried to help her out: “Sister, we might win it, but it’s not ours yet. But we probably will win it. But not now.”

Thalia: “But daddy paid for the tickets! And mommy has our car right now.”

It was a loop most of the way home. We’d explain raffle, Thalia would mourn the lost Corvette. Until finally I had to tell her that we hadn’t won it, to stop repeating herself, and to let it go.

Sad faced, she said “but couldn’t you just buy a red Corvette, Dad?”

Laughing, I told her, “If I made enough, sweetie, trust me, I would have a little red shiny car. Actually, I used to have one.”

“You did?” She looked suitably impressed.

“Yeah, but I decided to sell it to save money so we could do other things.”

“Oh. But if you won the shiny red car, you would keep it.”

Me, smiling. “Twist my arm, kid, twist my arm.”


“I’d keep it. You know, it doesn’t have seats for little kids like you. Just for mommy and me. You’d have to be much older to ride in it.”

And that… did the trick. When I got home I had them put the tickets in my coin jar, and they’ve been obsessed with something else.