01 Apr

Carbon market collapse on its way?

Hold onto your britches?

“In a new book, former oil geologist and government adviser on renewable energy, Dr. Jeremy Leggett, identifies five ‘global systemic risks directly connected to energy’ which, he says, together ‘threaten capital markets and hence the global economy’ in a way that could trigger a global crash sometime between 2015 and 2020.

According to Leggett, a wide range of experts and insiders ‘from diverse sectors spanning academia, industry, the military and the oil industry itself, including until recently the International Energy Agency or, at least, key individuals or factions therein’ are expecting an oil crunch ‘within a few years,’ most likely ‘within a window from 2015 to 2020.'”

(Via Ex govt adviser: “global market shock” from “oil crash” could hit in 2015 | Nafeez Ahmed | Environment | theguardian.com.)

10 Jul

Russia gets ready for large drilling in the Arctic

There be black gold under them snows… (via Alex Avriette)

“Last year, Russian state-controlled oil conglomerate RosneftĀ became the largest oil company in the world after acquiring one of its major competitors.Ā The company has had its sights on tapping Russia’s vast, treacherous Arctic reserves, and after making a few huge deals, it looks like it now has the resources needed to do so.”

(Via Russian Oil Behemoth Rosneft Has Unlocked the Arctic | Motherboard.)

29 Apr

Alberta wants Arctic route in North Canadian harbor

Another whiff of the future that my novel Arctic Rising was playing with due to global warming:

“The oil sands pipeline would have to cross roughly 2,000 miles of Arctic tundra and wetlands to get to Tuktoyaktuk, population 930. The village’s natural harbor would have to be upgraded to accommodate the increased commercial activity.

Tanker traffic would probably be limited to the summer months because the Beaufort Sea is iced in for much of the year. However, warming temperatures are keeping the Arctic ice-free for longer periods each summer.”

(Via Oil sands: Alberta eyes Arctic route to get its bitumen to market — 04/26/2013 — www.eenews.net.)