10 Mar

My story The Fall of Alacan, now live at Subterranean Magazine


I mentioned working last month on a longer story called FofA. The real title is The Fall of Alacan, and it’s a prequel to the events of The Alchemist and The Executioness, the two novellas that Paolo Bacigalupi and I wrote (and that Paolo is up for a Nebula for!). It’s now live in the Spring issue of Subterranean Magazine.

Bill had asked if I would be interested in penning a story that gave everyone who hadn’t been able to order the beautiful print editions (or listened to the audio edition) a taste of the world. Since Bill pays very well, and more importantly, he pays his writers very promptly, I spent a good chunk of last month working on The Fall of Alacan and re immersing myself in that world.

A lot of you have asked about more stories set there, and I’m glad my first real attempt to write Fantasy seems to be something readers have enjoyed, so I hope you all enjoy this further taste.



17 Jan

Sale: The Universe Reef to Nature magazine

I’m totally chuffed to report that my short story THE UNIVERSE REEF will be out in Nature Magazine in its very cool Futures series (short SF stories that appear on the last page). I was honored to have a story back in 2005 (Toy Planes) in Nature, and now I’m going to be back again!

As someone who follows what scientists are up to, it’s really amazing to me that my work will be in a magazine as awesome as Nature.

03 Jan

New short story, The Rydr Express, sells to Stone Skin Press’s anthology The New Hero II

In the middle of last month I worked on a longish short story, featuring Pepper and set in the Xenowealth. I can reveal now that it was accepted for Stone Skin Press’s anthology The New Hero II.

Stone Skin Press kicks off with a line of original short story anthologies, each commissioned around a compelling central theme. First out of the blocks will be The New Hero, featuring the adventures of a new wave of iconic characters capable of standing toe to toe with such classic luminaries as Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, and Abraham von Helsing. … Following it is The New Hero II, unleashing a second wave of exciting new heroes.

For its impressive line-up of authors, Stone Skin Press taps the stars of the roleplaying game scene, supplemented by a roster of illustrious names from the literary, F/SF, television and comic book fields. A brief sampling of contributors includes Ed Greenwood, Adam Marek, Alex Bledsoe, Jesse Bullington, Richard Dansky, Monte Cook, Matt Forbeck, Julia Bond Ellingboe, Jonny Nexus, and Kyla Ward

I was tickled to see editor Robin D. Laws use the phrase “classic, straight-up ultra-violent bad-ass” in reference to the piece, so Pepper fans will be in for the usual sort of mayhem I try to deliver. I mean, there’s a serious fucking bodycount going to go down on both sides, all packed into 7K of second person perspective between-the-eyes trenchcoat flapping retribution. And someone’s going to hijack a nuclear powered train.

This is my 40th announced sale. There’s a 41st story accepted, but I can’t reveal any details about it yet.

In the meantime I’m writing 3 more stories I’ve promised editors this month as I also work on rewriting a novel, so 2011 may be quite a year for short stories for me.

23 Dec

A new Pepper story finished

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to juggle everything that needs done and finish a new story. I finally got my inbox cleared out to 0, wrestled my to do list down, and managed to get to the coffeeshop, my second office, yesterday, for some serious writing.

I turned the internet off to conserve battery power, as I left my power adaptor in the office. And with that extra focus I settled in and got most of the rest of The Rydr Express written, which is what I’d been hoping for. Later in the night I stayed up late to go ahead and wrap the story up.

This piece is the fourth Pepper story I’ve written. I need to sit down and plan out a sequence so that I can put them all into a collection or a chapbook some time. I’ve been writing this without much of a larger plan.

I’ve turned the story in, hopefully the editor likes it. As soon as I know anything I’ll update.

17 Dec

You can now buy signed and personalized books direct from TobiasBuckell.com

Thanks to the talents of Jeremy Tolbert at Clockpunk Studios, we now have an integrated shopping cart and shopping system here at the site. Which means I can now sell those of you who asked signed books. Personalized books, even!

The store is at www.TobiasBuckell.com/store.

Signed and personalized copies of Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin and Sly Mongoose are available to ship ASAP, though because there are limited copies of Sly, it’s more expensive (and liable to run out! I have 10 copies in house). I will update the store if copies run out.

Make sure you personalize before your order, or I will just straight sign them 🙂

In the future I will integrate this all into the site better, but I had a few people asking about buying books for Christmas, so I thought I’d get off my ass and get this implemented.

PS: Oh, yeah, a coupon! Go type in crystalrain at checkout and get 50% any copy of Crystal Rain.

16 Dec

Brave New Worlds

Brave_New_Worlds-TP_Cover_r4-200x300.jpgSo Brave New Worlds, a new anthology by John Joseph Adams, is coming out this Jan and it includes a story by me, Resistance. John’s set up a whole website for the anthology, and it includes a number of free stories that you can read, including Resistance.

Additionally, I did an interview about the story:

Please talk about the genesis of the story, how you came to write it, where the idea came from, etc.

A lot of my more politically minded friends, of various political persuasions, are always frustrated with the fact that things don’t get done their way, or even quickly. I think a lot of Americans forget that many institutions in the US are designed to slow down, muddle, create compromise, and otherwise add checks to the mob mentality of democracy or the fast actions of a single individual. In an ideal situation everyone is frustrated and making compromises in a democracy: it shouldn’t be easy. But that isn’t to say that the appeal of a prime actor that gets things done in a way frustrated voters in a democracy don’t get isn’t seductive, I just wanted to point out that those people are called dictators.

My frustration applied to friends off all political spectrums. And still does. As an immigrant, I’m intrigued that so many Americans don’t seem to demonstrate that they understand their own political system (a representative democracy, a republic), which is one based on messy compromise and people who, after you vote, are no longer under your direct control (representatives).

Resistance was my attempt to play with some ideas about the importance of voting for yourself and the nature of expressed will. And I’m quite honored and astounded that its an anthology with a table of contents like that of Brave New Worlds.

I mean… wow.