07 Feb

Yummy look at what high speed rail could be…

Dan Geiser, and Jacki Wyse-Rhodes both pointed out this link to me of a vision for high speed rail in the US:


Created by Alfred Twu, the map compiles visions of possible American rail systems from a long list of places and mashes them together to show what a national rail network might look like.

Interesting in that, were you to develop a real high speed rail system in the US, Chicago sort of becomes the center of it all…

14 Oct

Africa’s Size Considered

Boing Boing posted a visualization of Africa that fits the US, China, India, and Europe into the continent.

Seriously, this map helps visualize the fact that when someone says ‘Africa is…’ and then makes a generalization, they’re straight up ignoring the size, varying differences, varying histories, and just… immensity and complexity that exists.