20 Feb

Skiffy and Fanty interviews me about Arctic Rising

The Skiffy and Fanty Show just interviewed me over the weekend, and they already have the full podcast up, if you’re interested, where I talk with them about Arctic Rising (and hope I come across as vaguely interesting, I was still a bit travel-hungover from a week in New York, which tired me out more than I had anticipated)…

The always fascinating Tobias Buckell joins us for an extensive discussion about his latest book, Arctic Rising, technology and its effects on how we interact with the world (crowd sourcing!), the environment (and what that means for extrapolating in science fiction through things like green technology, innovative transportation, etc.), and all kinds of fascinating issues surrounding these topics. You definitely don’t want to miss this one

08 Jun

NovyMirror interview

Rick Novy interviewed me for his online video cast.

Not sure if I stuck my foot in my mouth trying to explain why I think 4 posts about race in my blog over 2,000 from 1998-2009 that talk about lots of other things don’t make me a ‘race blogger.’ Mostly I was trying to explain that a) pointing out that diversity is lacking isn’t some sort of crusade, it just simply is, and that b) I’m not crusading, just pointing out the obvious. I think calling someone ‘focused on race’ for pointing out the obvious a few times, and being biracial, is strange. I’m really kind of almost mute on this point, as I prefer my body of fiction to speak for all that I want out of the genre and what I stand for: to a) recruit readers of color and open minded readers, b) provide fiction to those same people c) to demonstrate it can be commercially viable to write for open minded people and not cater to the crowd that says only white people can be on covers and heros of science fiction.

The image of me as someone who has only this one facet when I talk about so much more says more about the people saying that than me, I think, that they often get hung up on just that one thing.

But judge for yourselves:

19 Jan

Some interviews

Happy MLK day.

Spent last night working on a synopsis/proposal and doing research for it. Came up with some nifty ideas, now to see if they all mesh when I turn them into the proposal. All of which lead to me spending this morning reading about the Northwest Passage and some geography of the Arctic circle.

Which made me forget I was supposed to be interviewed by Mur Lafferty for her podcast ‘I Should Be Writing,’ which meant she called me while I was reading about the Arctic Circle over soup for lunch at the coffee shop in town, so I hustled back to my desk and Skype for that. Not a bad day, I need to move all my notes into the synopsis and firm it up, then write a first chapter tonight.

Blood of the Muse has an interview with me up, in which one of the things I do is pimp Walter Jon Williams’ Implied Spaces as my ‘under-appreciated book of 2008.’ I seriously wish more people had read it. It was full of awesome. Blood also has a review up of Thunderer by Felix Gilman. I loved the book (blurbed it), and it came out at an odd time of the year. But it’s a great book, and also under-appreciated. The very awesome sequel is Gears of the City, and it just came out.

Author (and fellow Ohio inhabitant) S. Andrew Swann interviewed me for his blog Genrewonk, you can see that interview right here.

Swann’s space opera is a lot of fun (I read his hostile takeover series in high school, if I recall correctly), I’m looking forward to his March release of Prophets, a continuation of the takeover series I enjoyed. One of the fun things about being a working writer is that a lot of the authors I enjoyed in high school and college are now colleagues and friends of mine.

Lastly, Steve Thorn has an interview with me up at 4+1 on his website.