18 Jun

Which midwest state has the largest all-electric car-sharing service in the US?

Well, huh:

“Far from high-tech Silicon Valley or hipster Austin, Texas, the largest all-electric car-sharing service is being built.

If your second guess is Portland or Brooklyn, keep guessing…and moving inland. Indianapolis, the nation’s twelfth largest city, will install 1,200 charging stations at about 200 locations to support 500 electric vehicles. The project is expected to be up and running within a year.”

(Via Indianapolis US Largest Electric Car Share | The Energy Collective.)

19 May

The new Indianapolis Cultural Trail for bikes and walking sounds great

If I’m ever able to fit Gen Con on my schedule again, I have to check this out:

“Indianapolis probably won’t get the national and international attention it deserves for the Cultural Trail because it’s a heartland city in ‘flyover’ country far from media centers on the coasts.

But make no mistake: In ambition, aesthetics and follow-through, the Cultural Trail deserves to be mentioned alongside New York’s acclaimed High Line park, Chicago’s Millennium Park and other new paragons of urban place-making.”

(Via The new Indianapolis Cultural Trail is a masterpiece of bike-friendly design Cleveland should emulate | cleveland.com.)