12 Sep

Read ‘High Awareness’ a story I co-wrote with David Brin for free online in Overview: Stories from the Stratosphere

I really was a huge fan of David Brin’s Startide Rising in high school. Enough so that when an opportunity came up to collaborate on a short story with Brin, I had to do it just as a way of sending a message back to my 15 year old self to say ‘see the cool shit you’ll be up to in your 30s?’

The opportunity to collaborate on a short story came through the Arizona State University Center for Science and the Imagination which created an anthology of stories imagining the future of stratospheric ballooning and sub-orbital communications and observation. I promise a rollicking ride.

You can read the story Brin and I wrote for free by going over to the Center’s book page for Overview: Stories in the Stratosphere.

Stratsphere cover bright 01

02 Sep

Shoggoths in Traffic is now available in the September issue of Lightspeed Magazine


So this is cool. Lightspeed Magazine has my first ever Patreon reprinted short story running in their September issue out now. It’s April’s “Shoggoth’s in Traffic.”

This is the story that Rich Horton reviewed in Locus Magazine and called “a clever Lovecraftian crime story” in a complimentary review and call out of my Patreon. He also said “you’ll not think of cloverleafs and other traffic patterns quite the same way after this!”

This issue of Lightspeed contains stories by Marissa Lingen, Timothy Mudie, Genevieve Valentine, Giovanni De Feo, Jaymee Got, Tamsyn Muir, Tony Ballantyne and nonfiction by Amal El-Mohtar, Joseph Allen Hill and has an interview with Theodora Goss. Exclusive paid content is a novella by Elizabeth Hand and a novel excerpt of Autonomous by Annalee Newitz, which is a book I’m very much lucking forward to.

I’m really excited about this because it’s a new audience for the story I wrote that would not have existed if not for the folk backing my Patreon. And with both a nice review of the story all by itself from Locus *and* a reprint in one of the top science fiction and fantasy short story magazines out there, I think it demonstrates the stories I’m writing for the Patreon are worth checking out.

15 Sep

Anthology LOOSED UPON THE WORLD is Now Available, contains two stories of mine!

From John Joseph Adams’s website:

This is the definitive collection of climate fiction from John Joseph Adams, the acclaimed editor of the Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy series and Wastelands. These provacative stories explore our present and speculate about all of our tomorrows through terrifying struggle and hope.

Join the bestselling authors Margaret Atwood, Paolo Bacigalupi, Nancy Kress, Kim Stanley Robinson, Jim Shepard, and twenty others as they presciently explore the greatest threat to our future.

This is a collection that will challenge readers to look at the world they live in as if for the first time.


(Via NEWS: LOOSED UPON THE WORLD is Now Available Wherever Fine Books Are Sold! – Loosed Upon the World : Loosed Upon the World.)

I have two stories in there, ‘The Rainy Season’ and my collaboration with Karl Schroeder ‘Mitigation.’ Mitigation went onto to heavily influence my desire to write Arctic Rising and Hurricane Fever.

The Rainy Season has only appeared in my short story collection Mitigated Futures previously.

I’m quite honored to have these two stories included next to the other amazing authors in this collection.

02 Jun

Lithuanian Crystal Rain!


This is cool, a fan sent me a nice letter about the Lithuanian version of Crystal Rain, which I hadn’t realized existed. It came out in 2009 from Eridanas, and that year was when I was in and out of the hospital a fair amount and out of my mind with worry about other things, so I totally missed that it existed!

A fan sent me this recent review, in Lithuanian, which is how I ended up finding out. Seemed like they liked it, from what Google translate muddles through to say.

That’s the 8th language Crystal Rain has been translated into, which is cool (it’s been Russian, Polish [not out yet], Czech, German, French, Romanian, Japanese, and now Lithuanian).

02 Jun

Some reading advice to breathless reporting about job-stealing robots

Pro tip, everyone getting ready to talk about robots and economics should read Jack Williamson’s ‘With Folded Hands’ and ‘Midas World’ by Frederik Pohl.

Which is to say, you all should interview some SF/F writers. We’ve been thinking on this shit for half a century, at least.

“It’s the same around the world. Western manufacturing jobs used to go to Chinese workers; now they’re increasingly going to Chinese robots, such as the million new robots that Foxconn is deploying.

Think you’re safe because you don’t work in a factory? Guess again. ‘In a move that could put millions of teenagers around the world out of their first job, Momentum Machines is creating a hamburger-making machine that churns out made-to-order burgers,’ reports Gizmag. A Cornell robot can learn how and when to pour you a beer. Well, never mind food service, how about social services? …Oh. Other robots have been shown ‘wiping the mouth of a disabled man and adjusting a blanket.’”

(Via After Your Job Is Gone | TechCrunch.)

03 Jan

New short story, The Rydr Express, sells to Stone Skin Press’s anthology The New Hero II

In the middle of last month I worked on a longish short story, featuring Pepper and set in the Xenowealth. I can reveal now that it was accepted for Stone Skin Press’s anthology The New Hero II.

Stone Skin Press kicks off with a line of original short story anthologies, each commissioned around a compelling central theme. First out of the blocks will be The New Hero, featuring the adventures of a new wave of iconic characters capable of standing toe to toe with such classic luminaries as Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, and Abraham von Helsing. … Following it is The New Hero II, unleashing a second wave of exciting new heroes.

For its impressive line-up of authors, Stone Skin Press taps the stars of the roleplaying game scene, supplemented by a roster of illustrious names from the literary, F/SF, television and comic book fields. A brief sampling of contributors includes Ed Greenwood, Adam Marek, Alex Bledsoe, Jesse Bullington, Richard Dansky, Monte Cook, Matt Forbeck, Julia Bond Ellingboe, Jonny Nexus, and Kyla Ward

I was tickled to see editor Robin D. Laws use the phrase “classic, straight-up ultra-violent bad-ass” in reference to the piece, so Pepper fans will be in for the usual sort of mayhem I try to deliver. I mean, there’s a serious fucking bodycount going to go down on both sides, all packed into 7K of second person perspective between-the-eyes trenchcoat flapping retribution. And someone’s going to hijack a nuclear powered train.

This is my 40th announced sale. There’s a 41st story accepted, but I can’t reveal any details about it yet.

In the meantime I’m writing 3 more stories I’ve promised editors this month as I also work on rewriting a novel, so 2011 may be quite a year for short stories for me.

03 Dec

Speculative Horizons is now shipping

Speculative Horizons, an anthology containing a short story by me, is now shipping.

In Tobias S. Buckell’s “The Eve of the Fall of Habesh,” contragnartii Jazim must carry out one final assignment before the armies of the Sea People lay waste to the city he loves.

Also included are stories by L.E. Modesitt, Jr., C.S. Friedman, Brian Ruckley, and Hal Duncan. It got a starred review from Publishers Weekly, as well as good reviews elsewhere.