02 May

The female journalist in film

Via Charlie Jane Anders on twitter:

“From the late 1990s through today, the fictional female journalist has once again become ambitious and career driven. She is unmarried and unconcerned with life outside of work. But unlike the fictional female reporters of the 1930s and 1940s, this new archetype is portrayed as ridiculously young and embarrassingly green; so green, in fact, that she resorts to shoe leather reporting as a last resort, not a first.

Eventually for these women, an older male editor/reporter will step in to guide the young lady cub, because this type of fictional female reporter is just a girl. She is clueless, sloppy, and morally bankrupt. Even more, she’s always willing to sleep with a source, or an editor, for a story.”

(Via Hollywood’s utter failure to accurately portray female journalists – The Week.)