06 May

John Scalzi reports back from being at RT

John Scalzi went off to accept an award, and noticed some differences at being the, err, odd man out in the group:

“At a largely female-oriented convention, as a man, I was never excluded, resented or made to feel unwelcome. There were folks who were surprised I was there, but that surprise was always ‘Oh! Cool! You’re here!’ rather than ‘Why are you here?’ And that, of course, is a salient difference. No one questioned my reasoning for being there, or suggested, say, that I was a Fake Romance Boy, or quizzed me about who my favorite romance author was or if I could recite that author’s bibliography to their satisfaction. I certainly wasn’t skeezed on. On the contrary, people went out of their way to ask me if I was enjoying myself and to let me know they were glad I was there.”

(Via http://whatever.scalzi.com/2013/05/06/back-from-the-rt-booklovers-convention/.)

01 Nov

How I Spent My Weekend at World Fantasy Con 2010

World Fantasy Con has one of the largest gatherings of writers and various industry professionals that I know of in a convention. It’s like, almost everyone I know or have known over the last ten years of writing shows up in one concentrated location and I get to hang out with them all!

I told a friend of mine you come here and you’re “mainlining the science fiction field.”

Many people asked me what my schedule was, and I explained that I was going to basically hang out in the hotel bar, unless I was sleeping, eating, or helping Emily with the twins (and she was amazing enough to wrangle them a bunch by herself so I could see friends).

You never get to meet everyone you hoped to, or get as long a conversation as you want.

But for someone with ADD and who’s extroverted, it’s my Shangri La and my worst weakness (hardly sitting still and jumping from conversation to conversation) and packed with all my favorite people in the world, all in one.

Here are some snapshots from the event:


Daryl Gregory, Paolo Bacigalupi, Liza Groen Trombi and Blake Charlton mug for the camera.


Me and Mary Robinette Kowal


My editor, Paul Stevens, took a number of his writers out to dinner. The twins have glowing eyes at the back of the table. Should I be worried?


Mass booksigning!


Brad Beaulieu, Barry Goldblatt, Rae Carson, and Charlie Finlay


Paolo Bacigalupi, with Ian Tregellis listening on, and others I didn’t catch the names of


Two of my favorite friends, Paolo and Sarah Prineas.

This shot is by Al Bogdan, of me and Scott Edelman

Bill Shunn, me, and Daryl Gregory up to no good

Doselle Young and Thalia share a fistbump in the hall

27 Aug


I’m remiss in reminding everyone that I’m the (woo!) Guest of Honor this weekend at Context here in Columbus, OH.

Editor of my Xenowealth novels (Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin, Sly Mongoose) Paul Stevens is the editor Guest of Honor, which is also cool.

Elizabeth Massie is the other writer Guest of Honor.

This is the second time I’ve been honored by appearing as the Guest of Honor (woo!) at a convention. Emily and the twins are here for this one as well.

I mentioned I might be a bit spacey in my last blog post, but to be honest, it’s been a long enough week I’m actually looking forward to relaxing and being the GOH and meeting people and enjoying the weekend. Looking over my notes, I haven’t taken much time off for a month I’ve been so focused on the book, and the idea of relaxing and enjoying the honor of being a guest like this is not a bad thing.

05 Aug


Gencon is like the ComicCon of gaming, I’m led to gather. 30,000 fans of RPGs, table top gaming, and so on, all get together here in downtown Indianapolis for the event.

Matt Forbeck and Monica Valentinelli talked me into coming when I asked on twitter if I should come out. I was expecting to come out for a day and drive home the next, as I’d wanted to meet Matt, but then my name was passed onto someone doing programming, and suddenly I had agreed to talk about writing topics and needed to be there for the whole four days! There are worse things.

Today I joined Paul Genesse, among others, for the writers track. I spoke about the business of writing this morning and another about quantum physics (for which I’m woefully unqualified, but it was fun anyway).

I don’t think I have any signings in author alley, I’m just floating around and getting used to the convention. I do have a box of books in my car, so I’m trying to find out if someone will let me sit somewhere, will see later.

I did get to meet Margaret Weiss, who I’d just met via email a month ago, which was pretty neat.

In the meantime, some pics:

Matt Forbeck and Paul Genesse:

Monica Valentinelli:

Me, Maurice Broaddus, and Lawrence Connelly.

And the main exhibition hall at Gencon (it’s big!):