11 Jun

Sam Neill is funny about science


Ladies and gentlemen, Sam Neill (readers point out this site is a satire site, I just didn’t realize it wasn’t actually Neill that wrote this. I’m assuming Sam Neill said something stupid about science, then, and this was the result. Still hilarious dry wit, so kudos to whoever wrote it!):

“…as my career ascended so too did the value of the new things I learned. When I filmed The Hunt for Red October, I was amazed to discover that beneath the water there was a whole other area known as ‘under’water. What I didn’t know then was that we had this ‘under’water thanks to something called science. At the time I asked Sean Connery if he knew anything about science, but I was unable to understand anything he said, as he is Scottish.”

(Via Opinion: I’m not a scientist, but allow me to say a few things about science.)