20 Apr

Sly Mongoose

I started work on the next novel, tentatively entitled ‘Sly Mongoose.’ Still have a lot of outlining and thinking to do, but the first chapter is straight forward enough, so I thought I’d work on it.

This deep in the acidic cumulus clouds of a gathering storm, the sun’s distant white light scattered into a fine haze that barely illuminated the curve of the city Yatapek. Warning lights jumped around on long trails of cable that dangled from the side of the massive globe, disappearing into the yellow and purple muck.

Buffeted by the stinging winds an airship slipped into a calm spot near the complex spire of docks, rings, airlocks, antennas, and massive drums that hung from the bottom of the ball shaped city. All hung in the depths of the clouds, sky and ground far from sight.

The oblong airship’s nose tapped a docking collar and crablike metal restraints swung in to lock it into place. They groaned as the massive bulk of the city above it danced and shook, vibrating as turbulence did its best to unseat the city’s stately glide through the clouds.

Just a few pages in so far, but I plan to write 15,000 words or so before I have to get back into looking at what needs done to Ragamuffin.

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