13 Sep

Six Radical Life-Extension Technologies

For trans-humanists to consider:

“CLEAN WATER This is a basic innovation. However, the marketing upside is huge. There is massive, seemingly endless demand for this tech. While on the low end it is highly at risk of being commodified, there is much profit to be made from premium versions of the product for all market segments.”

This list isn’t complete, of course. It’s simply six things that came to Paul Graham Raven’s mind as he considered the transhumanist argument for the moral need to research medicine to help humans live longer.

(Via Six Radical Life-Extension Technologies for Transhumanist Consideration — Weird Future — Medium.)

On twitter I alluded to the fact that by implementing these, of course, the possibility of cognitive surplus being unleashed to create even more innovation is then guaranteed, leading to the more sexy sort of transhuman technologies the transhumanists get very excited about.

Nice article.