The Fish Merchant, originally published in Science Fiction Age (March ’00)
- – reprinted in Neverworlds (February ’02)
- – Greece (reprinted/translated into Greek in Eleftherotypia in February 2005)
- – Poland (reprinted/translated into Polish in Nowa Fantastyka January 2006)
- – Brazil (reprinted/translated into Portuguese in Terra Incognita summer 2009)
- – Netherlands (reprinted/translated into Dutch in SF Terra, early 2012)

This story is included in my collection Tides From The New Worlds.

Li Hao-Chang lives a humble life in Macau as a street vendor. But his life is about to get turned upside down by the realization that alien life will soon contact Earth.

As shadowy operatives play a dangerous game in Li’s streets in the days leading up to the event, Li will find he has an important part to play in the shadows of one of the greatest events in human history.

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