Spurn Babylon, originally published in the anthology Whispers From The Cotton Tree Root (October ’00)
- – Hungary (reprinted/translated into Hungarian in SF MAG, June 2011)
- – Spain (reprinted/translated into Galacian in Nova Fantasia, TBD)
- – Israel (reprinted/translated into Hebrew in Bli Panika, TBD)
- – France (reprinted/translated into French in Tenebres 2012)
- – Finland (reprinted/translated into Finnish in Tähtivaeltaja, TBD)

This story is included in my collection Tides From The New Worlds.

A waterspout spawned by a recent hurricane sucks up an ancient wooden slave ship from the silted bottom of a Caribbean harbor. And an astounded man with Caribbean roots watches as people begin to restore it. They invite him to come along on a journey that may well change everything for him, including reality itself.

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