02 Dec

SF Novelists Part 2

The second part of SF Novelists (the novelists only mutual promotion group, wiki and discussion area in the previous post) is a promotional front space online. This would be a web site that is blog-oriented and that would be able to aggregate willing member blogs on a central site using reblog as the core engine.

This site would additionally feature speaking info so that interested parties could contact our authors for quotes, interviews, or anything of that nature. It would feature occasional interviews and highlight members interesting posts. Members with books out that month would also be featured prominently on the page.

There would be a public forum for readers to chat (and hopefully for the authors to drop in) as well as a newsletter (I’m willing to put up a few copies of my book as prizes to draw people in).

For examples of blog network type things see this link that lists many blog networks. What does this centralizing offer? Traffic and attention. Which many blogging authors can get already, I understand, but this would allow extra traffic growth and an easy point for readers to enter into the world of SF Novelists.

I would be willing to front the cost of having the webdesigner who designed www.crystal-rain.com to make it look very professional (something that I think is important).

There are many web 2.0 tools that I think SF Novelists could utilize to make us more than the sum of our parts and increase our presence on the web.

Here is a JPG of a first draft sketch of the site:

Those are some early ideas. As I said, early days. One thing we’re hoping people could help us out with is this:

1) As a reader what would you be interested in seeing on a site like this? Dream away.

2) Would you be interested in a site like this?

3) What would be a catchy name? (many good ones are taken, but we can map anything to our sfnovelists.com domain I’m using for the novelist wiki. One suggestion was rocketblogs.com, but we’re interested in feedback…

3 thoughts on “SF Novelists Part 2

  1. I love this idea and I love the mock up of the site. As a reader I’d bookmark it and read it daily. As a writer it’s something I’d love to be a part of once I’m published.

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