26 Jul

Selling copies of my books direct for this week

After I got back from Oddcon I sold some books direct via the website. Some others had hoped I would do it again, and I promised I would. Also, we’ve had a houseguest for a week holed up in my office, and after getting back into my office, I realized wouldn’t mind clearing out some more shelf space to store some of my non-fiction reference books in the large closet I use to house all the extra books I have hoarded. I’m trying to eliminate some shelves from my office with an eye toward simplifying my workspace from clutter a bit more.

With that in mind, I’m offering books for sale, hardcovers of the novels, and you can name your own price. I’m hoping to move a good shelf’s worth just to free up space, so as long as a fair offer comes in, I’m more than happy to get them out of here.

I’ll take orders until Friday at lunch, at which point I’ll be trucking these all up to the post office to mail them out in one big batch.

Step 1: The books for sale

Pick a book or two or more from the list here, add up your total…

Crystal Rain – hardcover – 1st edition – signed – $nameyourprice
Ragamuffin – hardcover – 1st edition – signed – $nameyourprice
Sly Mongoose – hardcover – 1st edition – signed – $nameyourprice

Halo: Evolutions – trade pp. – 1st edition – signed – $nameyourprice
Halo: The Cole Protocol – trade pp – 1st edition -signed – $nameyourprice

Step 2: Shipping

For one book:

Media mail – add $4 for S/H
Priority – add $6 for S/H

For two books:

Media mail – add $5 for S/H
Priority – add $11 for S/H

For three or more books:

Media mail – add $7 for S/H
Priority – add $13

update: for international shipping, use http://ircalc.usps.gov/ to calculate shipping (books weigh 1.3 lbs each).

Step 3: Payment and telling me what you’re buying

Add everything up and then head on over to Paypal where you can use any standard credit card or your paypal account via that link to send the total on over to me (if you want to use a credit card, look at the lower left area of the page it sends you to, where you can click to use a credit card instead of paypal).

When you do that, also include what books you’re buying in the instructions field (2 crystal rains, 1 ragamuffin, for example), as well as write down any special instructions you have. For example, if you’d like them signed to you, please say that, or they’ll just arrive generically signed. If you want them signed to a friend, etc, please include that.



6 thoughts on “Selling copies of my books direct for this week

  1. Whoa, Sly Mongoose used to have a price and now it doesn’t…. We can price-name on that one, too?

  2. Yeah, I pasted it wrong. There are only so many copies of Sly compared to the others, though 🙂

  3. Hmm, now that is interesting!

    But, just so I won’t render my wallet asunder, how much is a fair offer worth? $5, $10?

    And oh, thanks for shipping (signed!) copies overseas! Sometimes it’s a pain to order from Amazon or publisher’s sites.

    • That’s for you to decide Bruno. The price on the spine of the books is $24.95, Amazon sometimes sells them as cheaply as $15. These are new, first editions, and signed.

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