27 Feb

Quick Book Review: The Stars Are Legion

Kameron Hurley has a new book out, The Stars Are Legion:


I snagged my own hardcover not that long ago. It’s full of squicky biological science world building, dying wordlets, a really wild SF-nal set up that reminds me of Hardfought by Greg Bear (mixed with Ann Leckie) in the way that it gives you such a close, intimate view of a world that has long since forgotten where it came from and what it is that it might as well be secondary world fantasy in some ways.

It’s a fast and intense read that sucks you in pretty quickly. I’m always a sucker for worlds that have no knowledge of the past because they’re so far removed from anything we can recognize that you get whiffs of deep time and humanity becoming so far altered from anything we consider normal (whether environs or people themselves).

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