21 Feb

Publishers Weekly review of Xenowealth: A Collection

Publishers Weekly reviewed Xenowealth: A Collection and said nice things:

Fans curious about the background of Buckell’s Xenowealth tetralogy (lastly The Apocalypse Ocean) have crowdfunded this collection of nine glimpses into an exciting future. First, technologically superior aliens “pacified” Earth and brought it into the Benevolent Satrapy, a tightly controlled empire of 48 worlds. Then, rebels whom the aliens had scattered through the stars established the totalitarian League and plotted to exclude or else exterminate their masters. Finally, the Xenowealth evolved into a system that would let humans and aliens live together. Most of these stories feature Pepper, a cybernetically enhanced mercenary who usually intervenes with a maximum of deadly force whenever he imagines human values are threatened. Sometimes he fights cruel alien monsters, and sometimes men whose obsessions have made them even more dangerous. Buckell draws on his experiences growing up in the Caribbean to effectively describe what life feels like for powerless people at the fringes of massive events, and these taut but thoughtful scenes of the human race’s uncertain progress reward careful reading. (BookLife)

Pretty nifty. There are more reviews to come, as I’ve seeded a number of ARCs out there into the wilderness. I know a few people passed on reviewing a Kickstarter short story collection, but I know we have a few more of these coming.

I also hope to have some details on what independent book stores will specifically be carrying the collection.

Xenowealth: A Collection

Xenowealth: A Collection

Series: Short Story Collections, Book 5

High concept, adventurous science fiction stories featuring the beloved characters and settings from Tobias S. Buckell’s popular Xenowealth novels.

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