The Snugboro Films production of my short story All Her Children Fought features a 15 minute script initially written by me. I’ve also written scripts for a couple short comic adaptations of my work (that are not yet available).

Short Fiction

I’ve written over 50 short stories which have been translated into 13 different languages. Many of them have been commissioned for anthologies or for special projects.

Marketing & Copy

Worked for AOL’s BloggingOhio and BloggingStocks (2006-2010) writing blog posts and editing blog copy. Worked for covering morning deals and describing the deals for potential deal-hunters. Helped write the copy for Sci Fi Magazine’s Christmas Gadget Round Up (2006).

Transmedia Campaigns

Created much of the fake copy for a false company site in the ARG for AMC TV’s The Prisoner. The ‘Summakor’ website (link to archive by the Wayback Machine) was created to sound corporate, but creepy the more you poked around and read about their odd obsession with social surveillance technology.


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