09 Jul

Open thread Saturday

How is your weekend? I’ve been out writing in a local coffee shop and ran into an old work buddy at the diner at lunch. I also attended a book launch by local mystery author Judy Clemens who had her latest book out from Poisened Pen Press. 

My kids are apparently selling lemonade from our front lawn while I plink away at this rewrite. Thalia seems to have sales in her blood. 

5 thoughts on “Open thread Saturday

      • you sure do! I just have a question regarding the plot of one of the stories in there about Pepper’s background, but I don’t want to ask a big spoiler question in the middle of your blog. do you mind getting an email on this?

  1. Finished a road trip from Houston to New Orleans to hand off the kiddo to my parents. Listening to Diamond Dogs right now.

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