19 Jun

New senate bill pushed by Republicans aimed at slowing or stopping SpaceX in favor of… pork

This is fucked up:

“Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) has put his thumb on the scale. He has added language to the Senate bill that will make it a lot harder for commercial space companies—like, say SpaceX—to launch humans into space. He’s basically adding a layer of government to the requirements for commercial companies, making them account for costs and pricing.

Oddly, this sort of accounting is already in place with contractors like Boeing—which, shockingly, is a big player with SLS, and which has a large plant in Alabama, Shelby’s home state—but is not in place in companies like SpaceX and Sierra Nevada. This means that the newer startup companies will be put at a disadvantage against the older government contractors.

Bottom line: Shelby’s addition makes it easier for SLS to get built, and harder for commercial companies to build their own vehicles to send humans into space (and, importantly, can do it far, far cheaper than SLS can). That means we’ll have to rely on the Russians more for the time being.”

(Via NASA funding: New Senate bill will keep us relying on Russians for rides to space..)

The continued attempts to block competition in space access by the party that supposedly should champion it is pretty sad. They’ve already pared back investment and pushed back the timelines of cheap rides to orbit by 2-3 years by cutting funding for the COTS program.