17 Jun

NASA gets flack for giving Orbital Sciences COTS money despite lack of demonstration flights

Imagine if COTS didn’t exist and NASA had picked just Orbital… thanks goodness there are 3 COTS (2.5 really) participants. Looks like they really could have not paid Orbital and had 3.5 private programs going…

“NASA’s Office of the Inspector General has criticised NASA’s management in a report noting that it has apparently given funding to one of the commercial cargo operators before it has flown the required number of cargo demonstration missions.  Specifically it records that Orbital Sciences Corp has recevied ‘up to 70 percent of the funds associated with six of its eight CRS missions prior to having flown a demonstration flight, ‘

The report also notes that a ‘full demonstration flight required under the COTS Program most recently scheduled for June 2013 has slipped to August or September 2013.”

(Via NASA under fire for advancing Orbital Sciences commercial cargo cash – Hyperbola.)