23 Aug

My Worldcon Schedule (mostly) plus a request for help in screening a short film

As noted in ‘Appearances’ I’ll be at Worldcon this year in San Antonio, starting this Wednesday. Here’s my schedule (it’s also here with more details at Worldcon’s very slick online programming search query interface)


13:00: Autographing: Tobias Buckell, David Kyle, Kay Kenyon, Django WexlerAutographing (Convention Center)

15:00: Colossus, Skynet, or the Culture?006A (Convention Center)

19:00: Near-Future Energy007B (Convention Center)

Saturday, 31 August

13:00: Kaffeeklatsch: Tobia Buckell, David NickleRiverview (Riverwalk)
Tobias Buckell, David Nickle

17:00: The Relationship Between Reader and Writer007B (Convention Center)

19:00: Writers with drinks (off site event)

Sunday, 1 September
11:00: Should SF Consider the Aspects of the Future rather than Predicting the Future?006B (Convention Center)

13:00: Crowdfunding: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I’m hoping for a reading. My flight info changed from when I first talked to Worldcon about my availability. Right now they have me scheduled at Monday morning, but I’ll actually be on my way home then. The very nice volunteers said they would do their best about trying to schedule a reading, so… crossed fingers. I know this is the first large convention in a long time I’ve done readings/signings/appearances at, so I know some of you are looking forward to and hoping for chances to say hello.

Also, I have a really cool independent film made out of one of my short stories. Would anyone be interested in helping me figure out how to show it somewhere, even if in guerrilla fashion, or during my reading, or instead? It’s 15 minutes long. If you can help me with that, please, my email is tobias@tobiasbuckell.com and I’ll owe you big time, but this film is pretty cool, and I have gotten permission to show it.