11 Apr

My kids are 4 years old. How did that happen?

Today I got home after a quick drive down to Columbus to have my laptop checked over (turned out to be a false alarm, the battery inside is just degrading faster than it should).

And then, instead of dallying around like I normally would have to visit people I know down there, I rushed right back home so I could be back just in time for dinner with Emily and the twins, because it’s their 4th birthday today. We kept things low-key, as Emily and I are not sure that every birthday needs to be a big, explosive huge affair that gets expectations totally warped (though my mum and stepdad are on their way out from Virginia to come visit this weekend for a slightly larger family get together).

They exchanged gifts they’d gotten for each other after some dinner.

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And got to test out some musical instruments we got them.

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There’s a weird compression of time and a slowing down of it all at the same time with some aspects of parenting. It just seems like a few months ago they were figuring out how to walk, but I know from looking at pictures and videos that it was a long, long time ago.

Now Calli can write her name and they’re singing the lyrics of their favorite show out while jamming on their new guitar and drum kit.

How did that happen?