01 Apr

More people will be able to sign up for healthcare throughout the year, which I’d wondered about

Millions of people losing jobs or changing jobs, moving to freelance, will be able to sign up for ACA all throughout the year. That’s in addition to the 6 or so million who signed up over the last months. I also have an article somewhere that pointed out we still have no idea how many people signed up for ACA outside the exchanges. In Oregon that doubled the signups.

“The ACA’s state Marketplaces, in contrast, provide a non-discriminatory home for those losing their insurance coverage. In many cases, the loss of insurance coverage is what is known as a ‘qualifying event’ that allows individuals to purchase insurance on their state Marketplace even after the open enrollment deadline. And for those seeing a sharp drop in income due to job loss, the tax credits available through the ACA exchanges can provide a much more affordable option than COBRA; in about half of the states, Medicaid will also be available for those suffering the largest income losses.

The number of Americans that will eligible for these qualifying events is large. In 2012, for example, 7.6 million people lost coverage and became uninsured. Almost half of this group, or 3.4 million, cited loss of job as the reason for losing insurance; another 600,000 cited loss of student insurance upon graduation or due to aging out of parental coverage; another 200,000 cited divorce as the source of insurance loss; while 60,000 lose insurance because they move. All of these are qualifying events that would trigger a special enrollment period for people who are currently insured but who lose access to coverage over the course of a year. These figures suggest that roughly 4 million Americans who previously faced the harsh reality of life without insurance can now access fairly priced and often subsidized insurance through state and federal exchanges, or, in many states, expanded Medicaid coverage.”

(Via Obamacare Enrollment Is Far From Over.)

ACA Sign Ups puts the number of people who became covered, as a result of finding out about Medicare/Medicaid when trying to sign up for ACA, kids put under parents’ plans, is somewhere between 14.6 to 22 million.