16 Nov

Metatropolis Cascadia: officially out today

Metatropolis: Cascadia is online and ready for purchase via Audible.com!


This provocative sequel to the Hugo and Audie Award nominated METAtropolis features interconnected stories by today’s top writers of speculative fiction ““ performed by a galaxy of Star Trek stars.

As the mid-20th century approaches, the Pacific Northwest has been transformed – politically, economically, and ecologically – into the new reality of Cascadia. Conspiracies and secrets threaten the tenuous threads of society. The End of Days seems nearer than ever. And the legend of the mysterious Tygre Tygre looms large.

3 thoughts on “Metatropolis Cascadia: officially out today

  1. This is possibly a stupid question, but is there any way to get this from somewhere other than Audible? Or get it from Audible in a non .AA format? As a CD perhaps, or MP3? OGG?

    I really enjoyed reading the first METAtropolis, but I still haven’t been able to ~listen~ to it because I can’t navigate Audible’s completely draconian DRM. I would love to purchase Cascadia as well, but as it stands I can’t find a version I’m actually able to listen to.

  2. Well, iTunes as well, but I think the license is the same from iTunes as Audible? I don’t think the DRM-free iTunes music license applies to the iTunes audiobooks, sadly.

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