17 May

Kevin Drum wants to welcome our new robot overlords

Kevin Drum is playing with futurism and science fiction here in Mother Jones:

“THIS IS A STORY ABOUT THE FUTURE. Not the unhappy future, the one where climate change turns the planet into a cinder or we all die in a global nuclear war. This is the happy version. It’s the one where computers keep getting smarter and smarter, and clever engineers keep building better and better robots. By 2040, computers the size of a softball are as smart as human beings. Smarter, in fact. Plus they’re computers: They never get tired, they’re never ill-tempered, they never make mistakes, and they have instant access to all of human knowledge.”

(Via Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don’t Fire Us? | Mother Jones.)

I have to say it has been interesting watching all this mainstream worry about robots of late.