08 Oct

Interview about the viability of Germany’s Energiewende

A fascinating quick interview with Mark Jacobson about Germany’s Energiewende.

“In 2009, Jacobson caught people’s attention with his co-authored article A Plan To Power 100 Percent of the Planet With Renewables, which was the cover story of November’s Scientific American. In 2012, he partnered with The Avengers’ Hulk Mark Ruffalo to co-author The Tesseract Is Here!, a Huffington Post opinion piece likening the film’s Tesseract, a source of unlimited energy, to renewables. To cleantech and comic lovers worldwide, this was the epitome of cool! Additionally, his 2010 TED Talk debate with Stewart Brand Does the world need nuclear energy? is a must-watch for any renewables fan.

His work has often ruffled feathers, but to anyone who believes in a renewables-driven future, his unwavering vision and dedicated well-documented stance that ‘wind, water and solar technologies can provide 100 percent of the world’s energy’ is the key to moving public opinion. Last month, the New York Times published an article skeptical of Germany’s Energiewende program. Since then I’ve read many other views, each with their own unique thoughts on the subject, but Jacobson’s opinion was the one I was still most curious about. In a three question interview, Jacobson did what he does best; breathe back life to the notion that the often deemed complicated task of switching to renewables is, in fact, doable and profitable.”

(Via The Viability of Germany’s Energiewende: Mark Jacobson Answers 3 Questions.)

Basically I’m starting to think that whenever people do something amazing (Energiewende) the push back starts getting really high right before breakthrough. Entrenched interests fight back hardest when they’re cornered. So I’m watching very closely.