28 May

Interview about self-publishing and hype up at Telereads

A lot of people try to compare music, film, and book publishing. There are obvious similarities, but ultimately they are different forms and we should realize that. The way things will play out will be different. Music worked by bundling songs together into albums. In books we don’t have that; a book is a long continuous product. Harder to strip out into components (though some novella collections that become a book might be, but the bulk of the business is novels).

(Via A Conversation With Author Tobias Buckell About Self-Publishing Hype TeleRead: News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics.)

In that quote I should have used the word ‘novels’ more specifically than ‘books’ to talk about those differences. I was moving quickly last night.

I have to say, the response to the post about survivorship bias has been amazing. And mostly very positive (a bunch of people have project onto me that I’m bitter, mad about a lack of success, and a number of people suggested I try self publishing and see how it could change my life, thus proving they haven’t actually read the article or paid attention to my 12 year history of trying all the different ways of publishing. Thankfully the negative nellies have mostly been the minority, or off hiding in places I don’t see them, which is just as fine by me.) Most of the negative criticism always comes from people who keep obsessing about who ‘wins’ and missing the point that no one has to lose.

A lot of people involved in digital publishing groups have noted to me that their hybrid authors sell better. I’m not shocked.

If reporters want to talk to the real interesting folk, it’s hybrids. I’m finding more and more wisdom in their moderate, hard-working voices.