17 Jun

Interesting essay on hyperdensity


Fascinating look at hyper density. Worth reading, and also interesting because I think this will become a huge think to think about as Broad Group Manufacturing’s impact on cheap and rapid skyscraper building will change our skylines over the next generation or so.

“Because hyperdensity — defined as density sufficient to support subways — contributes to the health, prosperity, and sustainability of cities, the densification of our built and social environments will to a large extent determine our strength as a nation. [1] Compared to most forms of human habitation, dense cities are the most efficient economic engines; they are the most environmentally sustainable and the most likely to encourage joyful and healthy lifestyles. So, how do we build delightful cities that make us more prosperous, ecological, fit and equitable? Here I wil lay out the factors that impede hyperdensity in our cities today, and the conditions necessary to create hyperdense environments in the future, including great design, responsible preservation and sound urban planning. “

(Via A Country of Cities: Building Hyperdensity and Civic Delight: Places: Design Observer.)

On a completely personal level, after living ‘in the country’ the first time I visited NYC, I was a bit floored that I spent more time in ‘greenspace’ and walking than I had in all the time in the country. Turns out you can create more common green space in hyper dense areas in some scenarios than in suburbia.

I’m fascinated by the idea of both rewilding, getting more parks and hiking, while living in an ultra dense area.