10 Jul

Impact of car-oriented design on health

I’m constantly stunned at the number of people who use a car to travel 1/2 a mile. But this article is right, some of that is because we live in environs that make even a 1/2 mile walk appear easier to do in a car.


“According to the Federal Highway Administration’s 2009 National Household Transportation Survey, 68 percent of the trips taken by U.S. residents between ½ and 2 miles in distance were made by vehicle. Only 23 percent of such trips were made on foot.

One-third of respondents reported no walking trips whatsoever in the previous week.

‘The greatest barrier to walking more is the perception of too much traffic, not enough street lighting, or wide road crossings,’ reports the FHWA. ‘People are also concerned about crime, had no nearby paths or sidewalks, and were too busy to walk more often.’”

(Via A treadmill desk or trip to the gym is not a substitute for the perils of a sedentary lifestyle – Quartz.)