04 Jan

Here’s everything I published in 2017 that’s eligible for an award

Zen and the Art of Starship Maintenance

Without a doubt, the most awards-eligible story that I have to promote is a short story of mine called “Zen and the Art of Starship Maintenance.”

Initially published in the John Joseph Adams anthology Cosmic Powers it has gotten a flurry of reprint requests. Right now I can confirm that is publicly going to be in:

– – The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Volume 12 (tbd, 2018)
– – The Year’s Best Science Fiction #35 (tbd, 2018)

Those are the two of five reprints that I can announce right now, so I am really amazed by the reaction the story is getting. I hope to soon have it somewhere everyone can read it.

Patreon Stories That Are Award Eligible:

I have no idea whether Patreon is ‘prior’ publication or not by the various award lists, there’s been no precedent set there as far as I can tell. I think all of these are eligible, however:

Shoggoths in Traffic was reprinted in Lightspeed Magazine and people have sent some very kind mail about that one. I personally think Sunset, which is my worst title, is my strongest piece in the Patreon this year and it is due to be reprinted in Lightspeed SF sometime soon. A Different Kind of Place is due to be reprinted in Apex Magazine.

Here are all the stories I wrote for Patrons this year:

November 2017: Lifeguards (2,800 words) – When Three Laws Robotics collides with varying definitions of ethics and politics, things might get a bit… messy…

October 2017: The Boneyard (3,000 words) – A boy and his dragonet…

September 2017: The Hand That Wields (3,500 words) – To get into the city Ki’s going to have to risk his life by bonding his life to a pact that swears he is not planning malfeasance, on pain of death. But Ki is an assassin…

August 2017: Sunset (6,300 words) – A starship crash lands on a far off planet to retire, and meets a headstrong young boy…

July 2017: The Placement Agency (3,500 words – What’s the weirdest temp job you can imagine? One outside time and space…

June 2017: no story…

May 2017: A Different Kind of Place  (4,000 words) – When Zombies and filter bubbles collide in a small town, what happens next?

April 2017: Shoggoths in Traffic  (3,900 words) – Ever wondered why your GPS sometimes takes you off on a random course?

March 2017: The Man Who Spoke (3,800 words) – A Xenowealth story: when your entire body is engineered to serve someone else, what will resistance look like?