22 Aug

Having arrived at AnimeKon Expo in Barbados

Have arrived in Barbados for AnimeKon Expo and am being treated so amazingly by everyone. A thoughtful gift basket includes tamarind balls (a favorite), some real hot sauce, plantain chips… etc. Right off the plane and whisked to get rhoti (happy) and sorrel. Ready to die happy. Already spoken to some of my readers who are looking forward to the weekend and the panel I’ll be giving.

The last time I came I was blown away to find how many readers I had in Barbados who’d been following my career, and blown away by how many snagged my books. Finding passionate SF/F fans who are also from the Caribbean means connecting with my perfect audience. It’s at times humbling, scary, exciting, and feels like coming home in a way that leaves me full of all the feels at the end of each day.

To be having an intense discussion about the impact of SF/F comic books, novels, movies, just a short throw from where I grew up… it feels like everything has come full circle every time I’m lucky enough to be invited back to do this.