04 Jun

Freakonomics on my current favorite charity

My favorite charity. Even my more left leaning friends freak when I tell them about Give Directly, but it’s pretty strongly backed by research… and my own experience living at the margin briefly and knowing people in rougher shape: they worked hard and were good with money, they were just starting from so far behind the deck was seriously stacked against them.

For international aid I like Give Directly. For domestic I give to Modest Needs, and have been an evangelist for both.

“GiveDirectly stems from economist Paul Niehaus‘s research in India, where to limit corruption the government  makes direct cash transfers via mobile phones.  ‘A typical poor person is poor not because he is irresponsible, but because he was born in Africa,’ says Niehaus, adding that GiveDirectly’s transfers have had positive impacts on nutrition, education, land, and livestock — and haven’t increased alcohol consumption.  The charity is also No. 2 on Givewell’s list of recommended charities.”

(Via Freakonomics » Should We All Just Give Cash Directly to the Poor?.)