12 Aug

Florida strips insurance commissioner of power negotiate lower health plan rates

Slick. Refuse to negotiate lower rates or make the health insurance companies compete like in the other exchanges. When ACA exchange rates are announced for Florida, they’ll be crazy high. Prediction: lots of conservatives announcing ‘failure.’


“Florida lawmakers have left the state vulnerable to unreasonably high insurance premiums in an effort to undermine Obamacare, say the state’s U.S. House Democrats.

Gov. Rick Scott and the Legislature cynically stripped Florida of its ability to review rates for the law’s rollout, U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch writes in a letter signed by all 10 of the state’s Democratic representatives.

The letter, which appeals to the federal government to step in on Floridians’ behalf, blames a law Scott signed at the end of May for refusing to allow the state insurance commissioner to ‘negotiate lower rates with companies or refuse rates that are too high.'”

(Via PolitiFact | Democrats say Florida stripped insurance commissioner of power to set health plan rates.)

Dear small business people and freelancers of Florida. You have an honest-to-goodness actually enemy that doesn’t want you to be able to buy healthcare. Just an FYI.