18 Dec

Email of the day: rage quitting me

You’re a good author, and I enjoy your works. I’m happy to spend money for your books.

But I’m sick to death of your soft-headed, left-liberal politics – especially when you act oh-so-superior to those of us who disagree with your one-government-fits-all, pseudo-scientific, anti-individual rights views.

You don’t understand the U.S. Constitution, you don’t understand much about history, and you certainly don’t understand much about actual science (vs. pseudoscientfic ‘global warming’ religious views).

You should understand that most folks whose views you’ve insulted wouldn’t keep buying your books (though I’ll avoid the ‘global warming’ nonsense); they’d just refuse to spend their money with you. I’m a bit different, in that I try to realize you’re probably a product of the US public school system, and have been brainwashed with left-liberal propaganda all your life, and separate your art (except for the ‘global warming’ nonsense’) from your views.

It’s not smart to insult actual and potential readers, especially when one sings for his supper and has undergone all the trials and tribulations you’ve detailed. Maybe some day you’ll realize this; in the meantime, I am no longer going to subscribe to your syndication feed, and so I might miss out on future works of yours which I’d like to purchase from you.

But that’s how it is – I’m not going to be lectured to by someone with whom I’ve spent my hard-earned money. And it’s all because of your pseudo-intellectual arrogance.

Next time I see a six year old shot in the back eleven times I’ll think of you fondly. Good bye. (for the blog: see, that’s where I actually do ‘act superior.’ I mean, if I’m being typecast, let’s have some fun!).

If you really are a dedicated follower, you’d know I didn’t grow up in the US or attend much school in the US. I’m only liberal because you think I am, I tend to score right of center on all political makeup quizzes (and I’d be considered right of center by most of the European politics).

Also: Please don’t ever email me again, you have been added to my kill filter along with those people who tell me the same thing, only say (let’s cross out say and put in, add for this, as I’m copy editing myself) that they’re unfollowing me because I buy into multiculturalism and have the affront to force black main characters on them because of PC brainwashed liberalism and then go on to explain to me why black people would never make it to space because they’re stupid. (PS, since the day I started publishing I’ve been getting one of those every other month or so from fans of these same common beliefs, so I’m actually really inured to this passive aggressive ‘I’ll never buy your books again style of email, it’s fairly unoriginal).

Good bye, good riddance.

(And this last paragraph is for the blog: those of you who stand on the other side of the debate but still read the links and think I’m at least thought provoking, thank you for your time and know that I don’t assume you’re all like this dude. But he’s representative of a trickle of emails I’ve gotten since posting the article ‘Rice‘ on Friday).