03 Feb


Some days ago I started mentioning that I was downloading note applications to try and get the best organizer of all my text snippets, pictures, thoughts, etc. Well, I found it. It’s called DEVONthink and it’s one of the more amazing apps I have on my computer. I can put just about anything into it, link to anything, search, browse my information in a few different ways, and export info into the program through a number of different ways.

I’ve already begun accumulating a great deal of info in it. It will even build an accordance for me.

If you’re using OS-X, seriously, download this for a couple weeks and play. The ‘note pad’ view is my favorite.

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3 thoughts on “DEVONthink

  1. I need something like this very, very badly, only I am banished to Windows land. Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Neat, Toby. I use OmniOutliner (came with my Mac) for kinda the same thing and love it, but it doesn’t offer everything that DEVONthink seems to offer. I’ll have to check it out next time I’ve got some downtime between projects.

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